Turquoise Trail Knives

Turquoise Trail Knives For Sale

Taos Bushtrap Elite.

Hand Crafted From 1095 High-Carbon Steel, the Taos Bushtrap Elite is our take on the illusive "one tool option". At 1/4" thick, and a 5 1/2" blade with a traditional scandi grind, this blade's geometry, bulk, and sharpness lends itself well to the woodsman or weekend camper who is searching for the do-it-all blade.  It comes with Purple Heart-wood or canvas micarta handles, and leather or molly compatible kydex sheath.  The Blade geometry is a unique blend of the Nessmuck style blade, and the famous Habilis Bush Tool. The Bushtrap Elite is our solution to the illusive 1 tool option.  It will skin game, baton wood, make wonderful feathersticks, handle any camp chore and much more.  

Price: Starting at $245

Gila Companion Belt Knife.

The Gila Companion Belt Knife is designed to be a great EDC and a capable camp knife.  It features 1095 High-Carbon Steel, and is available in a multitude of distinct handle options.  The blade geometry and handle shape give it great versatility with a variety of useful grips and blade angles to deploy with the 3 1/4" blade and 5" handle.  With the Gila Companion on your belt, rest assured that you have a great, multi-functional option in a sweet flat ground blade that is sharp enough to shave with.  

Price: Starting at $160


Red River Field Knife

The Red River Field Knife is a design taken from the early American Frontiersmen of the 18th Century.  It is merely a beefed up butcher's blade, or "scalper" as the natives referred to it, fit for the wilderness.  Featuring 1095 High-Carbon Steel, and a variety of sheath and handle options, this blade is the quintessential field knife.  Built to butcher, skin, make shelter, fire, and anything else the outdoorsman requires, the 7" blade and handle options will immediately instill the confidence of a well crafted blade to meet any chore of the modern day bushcrafter, hunter, or survivalist.  At 5/32" thick, and full tang design, this is no "old hickory".  This survival knife is crafted to last a lifetime. 

Price: Starting at $ 190  

Truth Or Consequences Survival Knife

"That's not a knife....This is a knife!" Made From differential heat-treated and expertly tempered 1095 High-Carbon steel, and featuring a 7" full-flat grind, this survival knife is the blade that the camper, hunter, bushcrafter or woodsman would want on their belt when all else goes bad, and you are depending on your knife to affect your survivability, or defend yourself against any comers on four legs, or two.  The blade is 5/32" thick and bolted to stabilized Walnut Root Ball handles that make this bulky bushcrafter comfortable in a variety of grips and featuring a sweet finger choil underneath the fore-grip.  Available in a molly compatible plastic-over-nylon, or custom kydex sheath and  with a razor-sharp edge that will retain itself under the most grueling circumstances. The Truth Or Consequences is the blade for the outdoorsman looking for something a bit larger, with some real-world tactical application. 

​Price: Starting at $220

Raton Skinning Tool

To skin game, it is ideal to have the right blade.  The Raton Skinning Tool features scadi-vex grinds dagger style on both sides of the blade with a rounded point that will ride up over bone and muscle whether you are using the tool upwards, or down.  The inspiration for this tool comes from the accidental holes poked in the hides of animals I have skinned out in the past.  Sharp enough to make the "money cuts" around the eyes and vent, versatile enough to use on anything from waterfowl to alligator, and comfortable in the hand.  Beautifully constructed with 1095 High-Carbon steel 3/16" thick for edge retention, with red-obsidian micarta handles perfectly sized and shaped to skin your trophy animal in short order.  Sheath is made from custom leather. 

Price:  Starting at $60 

Angel Fire BG5

So you've humped in 6 or 8 miles to get that perfect shot at your buck, now what?  Time to pack and process that animal up and hump back out. Good news.  You have your Angel Fire BG5 (Big Game 5). To field dress a big game animal it is crucial to have the right knife.  The Angel Fire BG5 is just that.  Featuring a razor-sharp 5" blade in the clip-point 'Tonto' design, you have the blade you want, the blade you need.  Able to quarter up a buck, orex, or cow elk in short order, you can rest assured you are prepared for the aftermath of that shot you have been playing in your sleep over and over again.  Featuring  5/32" thick 1095 High-Carbon steel, and a variety of handle options from wood to bone, to synthetics, and some hand-filed jimping on the thumb-spine, you can easily slice, carve and cut through tendon, meat, and baton through heavy bone.  Next time you are stalking your trophy animal, take the Angel Fire BG5, and it will be smooth sailing.  Sheaths in custom leather, or kydex.    

Price: Starting at $180

Chama River Norseman Neck Knife

A traditional Scandinavian-Style 'kniv' with razor-sharp scandi-grind and rounded handle.  This High-Carbon (1095) steel is hardened and tempered to hold its edge as you are carving, slicing, or chopping whether it be game animals, wood, or natural foliage.  Every woodsman has their fine carving blade. In the tradition of the great Swedish bush blades, the Chama River Norseman is the  'Mora' style blade for those who are a bit more discerning regarding build strength, fit and finish.  With a 5" blade, and handle options ranging from naturals, to stabilized woods, to synthetics, or bone, the Norseman is our ideal 'Scandi Kniv'. 

Price: Starting at $125

           Commissioned Build

A Gila Belt Knife with full Scandi-Grind.  Full-tang construction.  Handles fabricated from stabilized Cocobola Wood, and Green Amethyst Acarylite.  Blade is differential heat treated and tempered 1095 High-Carbon steel in 3/16" with a 3 1/4" blade and 5" handle.  Sheath made of custom leather.  


​                Coronado Camp Knife

This Blade is my personal option to carry on my hip in the wilderness.  The 4" blade preforms well at any camp chore, and just the right size, strength, temper and geometry to be deployed in any variety uses.  This is what we call a "pry bar with an attitude" to quote the legendary Mors Kochansky. Shown here in Zebra wood, 1095 forged, high-carbon steel, with acalyst butt-tang grips.  When you hit the trail with the Coronado Camp Knife, you have a blade the takes care of the all those things we do in camp, and bushcraft with ease.  

​Price: Starting at $155

                      Mescalero Bowie Style

After repeated requests to build a bowie-style knife I decided to work with a relative who served as a Ranger in the 82 Airborne division to hear what he liked and didn't about his deployment bowie.  What we came up with is a better blade design, tempered high carbon steel that holds its edge better than stainless in the Ka-Bar series.  Foregards and handles in a full-tang design which adds overall strength and stability to the rat-tailed tang found in your GI issue Ka-bar.  Shown here with handle scales in purple-heartwood and Sea of Cortez blue alacyst, with sheath options unlimited. 

Price:  Starting @ $90

                      Socorro Bush Blade

Inspired by the traditional huntsman blade, build strong enough for those tougher bushcrafting chores, the Socoro Bush Blade is a hybrid blade that feels like holding the steering wheel of a Corvette.  You just know that whatever task a blade ought to be able to do is no problem.  From finer carving to skinning to busting up big sticks for shelter or fire, you are in the drivers' seat.  Shown in high-carbon 1095 steel, with Purple heart-wood and marbled butt tang handle scales, the Socorro is like a broom handle.  It just always feels good in the hand.  

Price:  Starting at: $140