Turquoise Trail Hand-made Custom Knives

Born out of a love for the art and science in the extraordinary tradition of knife making and the confidence of holding a great knife in your hand, making any job seem easy,  With Swedish lineage in blade craftsmanship, and some frustration shopping for knives in the box stores and the internet, Turquoise Trail Knives was born, with a craftsman's eye and a bushman's lust for having that perfect knife....the search that never stops.  

In the vast ecosystem of the High Desert, River Valleys, and located in the Rocky Mountains, encircled by the Valles Caldera, the Turquoise Trail in New Mexico challenges the outdoorsman in selecting the correct tools for the adventures they are undertaking.  With some of the most legendary hunting grounds in the world, and stream fishing as good as anywhere in the lower 48, New Mexico's terrain and bountiful activities require a top-notch cutting tool, a knife that you can stake your life on if necessary. From Hunting knives and skinners, to bushcraft knives and camp blades, to the great woodworking and fine carving blades of Scandinavian heritage, if you are desiring an heirloom quality, one of a kind, hand made custom blade, you have found the outfitter to meet your needs at Turquoise Trail Knives.  

Our biggest challenge was to attempt to allow that search for the one 'perfect' knife to end for each customer, one at a time.  Working one on one with the buyer until we are mutually certain that we have furnished them with that unicorn that is the perfect knife.  


Hold a Turquoise Trail Blade in your hands and find out what we mean.  

Turquoise Trail Knives